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CHRISTMAS BREAK - No regular class from Monday 18th December and recommence Monday 8th January 2018.

Reception staff will be available during this time to finalise 2018 bookings and payments.  If you make payment by 31st December you receive FREE 20 Pool Entry pass (one per family) otherwise fees due by 31st January 2018.

Block Lessons ONLY $80.00

18th - 22nd December

8th - 12th January

15th - 19th January 

Learn to swim classes - held at Yerona Park Swimming Complex in Brisbane

  • Yeronga park Swimming Complex has three pools that are used for learn to swim lessons all year round.
  • Lessons are conducted 7 days a week
  • Our indoor 20m pool is the perfect temperature for hydrotherapy classes and baby learn to swim.
  • We also have a 25 metre swimming pool and a 50 metre outdoor pool. All of these pools are heated and are open all year round.
  • Our unique 6 level program will ensure that your child will have the best opportunity to develop strong swimming skills and give them the best opportunity to excel in swimming at all different levels.
  • Swimming certificates are awarded to children as they graduate through the 6 swim levels.


6 months
We teach basic safety skills such as turning and going back to the wall, and learning to get from one point to another (monkey). The babies learn important skills in a happy and safe environment. The emphasis is on fun through play and songs.
18 months
This is a class designed to build on the skills learned in the Baby Water Confidence class and prepare your child for Level 1.
2.5 years
These children have either graduated from our baby program, or are just starting Learn to Swim classes. This class builds on the baby program teaching children to ‘rocket’ along with general water skills.
3 years
These children are more confident in the water and now start learning to work with a board to develop floating skills. At this stage, children are jumping off the wall independently.
Depends on your child’s skill level
Level 3 children are putting all their previously developed skills together in freestyle and backstroke. At this stage, we should expect them to be able to swim 12.5 metres independently in both stokes and be able to perform a capable dive.
Depends on your child’s skill level
All of these children are now swimming 12.5 to 25 metres in freestyle and backstroke. They also work on perfecting their starts and learn breaststroke and tumble turns. All children graduating from this group are capable of joining mini squads.
3-6 Months
Free of charge. Introducing mums and dads and bubs to water. With our Little Stars Class you get a feel for classes and experience the water and its beauty in a caring and loving environment.

Learn to Swim Policies and Procedures

Missed or Cancelled Classes

There are NO make up classes, refunds or credits offered for missed or cancelled classes. If extenuating circumstances occur, such as injury or illness, you may organise make up classes in the school holidays. Please ensure contact the pool if this occurs to record absenteeism. A medical certificate may need to be provided.

Make up lessons may be offered due to extreme weather circumstances, such as a lightning storm. Check with reception before cancelling.

Babies and Squirts are able to make up for missed classes if vacancies are available. This must be completed by the end of the semester or it will be forfeited.

Lessons are not conducted on public holidays. There is no charge in your fees for these dates.         


All infants and toddlers MUST wear a waterproof nappy during their lesson and while using other pools. We ask that children suffering from a contagious illness, such as diarrhoea or chicken pox, please not attend classes, as they can be spread the water.

Our water quality is tested regularly throughout the day, abiding to Brisbane City Council regulations. If you find issues with the water quality or other cleanliness problems please notify staff.


No still or video photography can be taken in the complex without permission of management staff, as well as other bystanders near the people being photographed.


We aim to provide high quality swimming lessons that are free from discrimination based on gender, language, sexual orientation, culture, religion, disability or socioeconomically background.


Bookings for learn to swim classes

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