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Yeronga Park Fitness Centre

Yeronga Park Fitness

Come join our fitness centre and enjoy Yoga, Pilates, Spin Class, Circuit Training and Gym. Classes from 6am Monday to Saturday. 

Yergona Park Fitness Centre
  • 154 Villa Street, Yeronga.
  • Phone: (07) 3848 9753
  • Email: yerongaparkfitnesscentre@gmail.com
  • No contracts! No joining fee!

Open Hours

  • Monday - Friday 4:30am - 9am / 3pm - 8:30pm 
  • Saturday: 6am - 3pm
  • Sunday 7am - 1pm


  • $18 per week direct debit (includes all clases)
  • $13 casual visit/class
  • NO contracts
  • NO membership
NEW Outdoor classes @ Yeronga Pool

** KIDS CLUB child minding service is available 9am - 11am Monday to Friday **

5.30am Boxercise
6.00am Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga
6.00pm Yin Yoga
7.00pm Intermediate Pilates
7.00pm Circuit Training
5.30am Boot Camp
6.00am Pilates  
6.00pm Yin Yoga
7.00pm  Boxercise
9.15am Yoga Flow @ Yeronga Pool
6.30pm Re-Hab Pilates
5.30am Boot Camp
6.00am Pilates
6.30pm Vinyasa (flow) Yoga
6.45pm Circuit Training
6.00am Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga    
7.00am YinYoga
7.00am Circuit Training

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